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Why Your Next Weekend Hangout Should Be At A Rage Room?

There is a lot in the world to be angry about. The bone-grinding clutches of capitalism and the patriarchy that refuses to budge no matter how much you rage against it.

Especially now more than ever, when people are still struggling to cope with the jarring cadence of life following the Covid pandemic, the political pulse of the world, work and life situations. Healthy stress management has assumed prime importance. This is where Break Room 405 comes into play!

This article explores the possibilities of rage rooms being a safe outlet to channel your anger away.

Rage Room Okc

How To Manage Your Anger?

Anger has a way of piling on until the mind is no longer able to keep it at bay. Associated with anger are several physiological changes – the heart rate and blood pressure shoot up along with a spike in adrenaline levels.

The intrinsic response to feeling anger is aggression. While this aggression is sometimes a necessary component of survival, more often than not lashing out at people/objects (no matter how angry they make you) is frowned upon. Not only do you lose your peace of mind, but it can also seriously hamper your social life.

Anger Management teaches you to control your anger before it controls you. The idea is that while there is no way to control the actions and circumstances that cause anger, you can certainly control your reaction to them.

How Does A Rage Room Help Manage Anger?

Fists clenched and shaking. Teeth grinding. Heart pounding. Ever been so angry you can want to smash things? Well, now you actually can. Safely and in a welcoming environment!

The catharsis theory of aggression states that if a person is allowed to take out their frustration and anger, the temper subsides.

A rage room uses destructive therapy to address an individual’s pent-up emotions. The room is stocked with choice breakables and you’re handed tools of destruction to smash them. Before commencing the smashing, we will make sure you put on protective gear so as to not hurt yourself. You get to bat printers to death (this one is particularly satisfying we hear), throw glassware at the wall, slam a car door with a crowbar and generally cause a whole ruckus. What a thrill!

How Should You Go To Have Your Own Rage Room Experience?

Breaking stuff to feel better sure sounds wonderful in theory but it makes some of us very anxious. It is not at all uncommon for people to report that they feel uncomfortable and nervous before going into a rage room. Our suggestion is to trust the process. Break everything you want without having to worry about cleaning up or other consequences.

Smash rooms will also allow you to bring stuff from home (think the vase your ex gave you which is just as ostentatious as him/her). Sometimes you can even select a playlist to set the mood for your smashing spree.

Our break rooms are one of the few places on earth you can completely let go. You can shed the weight of ideal behavior and whittle yourself down to your true self, just a furious millennial ready to annihilate fax machines.

Break Room 405 Is The Perfect Place To Blow Off Some Steam!

Oklahoma City’s very own rage room, Break Room 405 welcomes folks from all walks of life and situations to a fulfilling smash therapy experience. You can bring friends or even host a party if you want! The rules are simple – get a crate of breakables, get geared up in safety apparel, arm yourself with a weapon of choice, and TURN THE MUSIC UP!  We let you smash to your own playlists. Want to crush some bottles to Taylor Swift, death metal, classical, Limp Bizkit or Disney tunes? Why not, no judgement here!

Note that all rage room participants should be over the age of 12. Book yourself a session from our website today! We offer gift cards for your loved ones too.